Here are 12 free vintage crochet snood patterns to try! The basic ones like the Perky Snood and Sweet Sue are pretty easy if you're already familiar with crochet. If you're not, crochet is easy to le

DIY Giftables #1: 2 simple snoods – a free knitting pattern We can’t think of much that trumps a handknit Christmas present. Nothing is as t...

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Free crochet snood pattern. You will have to follow a link as this is on an old geocities site, but it goes right to it.

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Pattern says you can use G, but requires some modifying not included in the pattern unless you have a very large head or want a lot of geathering

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How to Crochet a Snood | FREE CROCHETED SNOOD PATTERN - Crochet — Learn How to Crochet More

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