How to make long hair look short!!! Snow White Makeup Tutorial | If Disney Princesses Were Real halloween costume, disney cosplay, innocent doe eyed eye make up how to. black hair, blue eyes, red lips. skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony

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elleyh: becomingaustener: Untitled su We Heart It - Hair as black as ebony wood.Skin as white as snow.Lips as red as crimson blood.Soul as bright as stars.

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Become A Disney Princess... With Your Makeup Kit!
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5 Hopelessly Romantic New Wedding Updo Ideas (Click and Let the Swooning Begin)

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#snow #white is best when having any colour tone in your locks makes you anxious #theritualistau

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Cute & Easy Summer Up-Do- tried this and it was super easy! The hardest part is getting the headband in the right spot on your head so it doesn't slip off. I also liked it kind of messier by leaving some of the ends out and not tucking all of your hair in all the way.

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