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Are You An Innie Or An Outie? Concealed vs. Open Carry

Are you an innie or an outie? An excellent way to start a good old-fashioned bar fight, or at least an internet happy-slap chat spat, is to gather two groups of gun people. One who believes in Open Carry and another who believes in Concealed Carry. Then ask them whether Cher is a true Diva or not.


One of the best "Small of the Back" holsters on the market today! The Gold Line Small of Back (SOB) Holster by Gould and Goodrich is one of their Gold Line of Concealment Holsters, Belts & Accessories. This holster is designed to carry your g

The Bronco™ is our (small of the back) SOB holster. It is an OWB holster designed in the fashion of a pancake holster. Very similar to the Predator™ pancake hol


Galco sob holster. Galco makes good products but this isn't one of them. I adamantly oppose this style of carry for anything other than fashion in Tacticool Quarterly...