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One persons view of what it feels like to have social anxiety. Its the little things of everyday living & coming into contact with people, that cause often extreme anxiety, panic, stress & further isolation.

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Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

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I like that I can post in here and no one knows me in real life , so I can post all the shitty stuff , I can post how I really feel . I find this stuff attention seeking and far too personal to post , but I don't think anyone follows this board so I'm cool .

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Restaurants, stores, potlucks, anywhere where there are too many people and not enough air. Just got to escape!

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Truth is, I have severe social anxiety. If I initiate a conversation with you, know that it takes every ounce of courage I have

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never talking about your feelings because the fear of anyone thinking of you as "dramatic" or an "attention seeker" haunts you.

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Quote on anxiety: Felling like you´re about to cry when someone points out you´re doing something wrong.

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