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You’re Not Being “Oppressed”

This is what anyone who claims "reverse racism" will understand once they recognize and educate themselves about white privilege. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice is a phenomenal book that explains the multiple dimensions of oppressions, and the companion text, Teachings for Diversity and Social Justice, explains the theoretical framework of anti-oppressive social justice education.


When you raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans no one dies. When you cut Social Security and Medicare people die.

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I Love You, America, But This List Should NOT Make You Uncomfortable

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It’s Still Bigotry

WHY WAS THE GENOCIDE CAUSED? This is the main reason for the genocide. Referring to themselves as the CUP (Committee for Union and Progress) sought to turn the Ottoman's multiethnic Empire into a One-religion Nation. More

Hillary Clinton didn't manage to become the first female president of the US but she had this message to young girls. She said she hoped that a woman would lead the United States sooner, rather than later.


White pride isn't about culture. It's about skin tone, and is synonymous not with pride for yourself but with hatred of every other group.

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4 Reasons Why I'm a Feminist

Ella era una feminista muy fuerte, a menudo escribiendo sobre la maternidad y los derechos de las mujeres. Gabriela se público que tenía en mente era las mujeres.