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from The Huffington Post

9 Strategies to Help Kids Cope With Social Exclusion and Friendship Breakups

To be truly mature as an early adolescent means you’re able to be a good, loyal friend, supportive, hardworking and responsible,” Allen told the Times. “But that doesn’t get a lot of airplay on Monday morning in a ninth-grade homeroom.


There are kids in every class who no one wants as a partner during work time or is socially isolated. Sometimes the reason behind the exclusion often has to do with the child's negative behavior towards others. When I finished reading Sneaky Weasel, I immediately thought of those students. I work with these kiddos very closely trying to help them become self-aware of their actions. This story is perfect to address this problem.


My kids school needs this because many kids are victims without anyone doing anything about it, and when the child being bullied reacts they end up getting in trouble! Great Poster on What IS Bullying... Exclusion, Physical, Lies or Rumors, Threats, Verbal Abuse or Teasing... Generally a Combination of the Above


Actor Mila Kunis demonstrates the word "include" with the help of some sheep friends as part of Sesame Street's "Word on the Street" in the show's 42nd season.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Kids Against Bullying

gangstalkers do all of this day after day, 1000's of terrorized TI's experience the same protocols and can't escape, even by moving