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Social Injustice Examples

A True Visionary.... A good example of this when people observe a bully and do nothing. What does your school teach about bullying? And the difference between a tattle-tale vs things that need told?


Social Injustice… The Bible is FILLED w/ examples of what God wants His people to do and His people doing the exact opposite… Sound familiar America?

from the Guardian

How activism forced Nike to change its ethical game

Campaigns spread word about Nike’s child labour and unethical practices, damaging their reputation and forcing them to repair it (Birch 2012). This graphic was part of those campaigns, campaigns which led Nike to repair their reputation with an emphasis on Workers rights (2012). The article attached shows how influential the average consumer can be.


i've had men tell me that if I can't discuss rape or injustice calmly then I shouldn't speak at all. They ignore the fact that I could give multiple examples from that day alone.