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Manners Match It Up Worksheet-Freebie!

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Helping kids with Asperger’s to give compliments: Worksheets for social skills teaching |

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Free, printable "folder stories." Simple one page social stories that teach appropriate social skills and behavior. Great for your students with special learning needs, especially autism. Download these FREEBIES at:

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WOW! What an amazing find if you teach a social skills lesson, and it is FREE!!! This social skills kit for children with ASD's has 40 problem scenarios, play money, and a PowerPoint option when you are working with larger groups or classes. Download this amazing resource at:

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Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders often have difficulty filtering words of anger and despair. Here is a hands-on activity to help them. Download and print out dozens of paper strips: 1. Things that are okay to say when upset, and 2. Things that need to be "filtered out." Detailed instructions included.

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This activity helps students learn how to handle anger or stress in safe, appropriate ways. It includes 35 coping strategy pictures

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Social Skills Challenge

I want social skill activities for my kids to mean something. Sometimes these lessons turn into more talk and less action. I’ve tried games but wanted something my kids could take back and do in their classrooms. This challenge is great for children with Autism or small groups working on social skills to apply and actually use what you have been working on!

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