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5 Ways Of How To Knit Sock Heels

5 Ways to Knit a Sock Heel (German short-row, Dutch, toe-up flap, standard flap, & hat heel) + Which Heel is Best For Which Foot Shape ? / FR


Pixel Stitch Socks (The Purl Bee)

Knitting may be a respite from the hectic pace of our digital world, but sometimes as I gaze upon the stitches floating off my needles, I realize that knitting is really a binary code; it’s ones and t


As promised, here is part 2 of this month’s Fabulous Finds. Every first sunday of the month I share my favourite free knitting patterns that I recently found, and I do the same on each third …


Wildflowers & Honeycomb Socks pattern by Olivia Villarreal

A not quite vanilla sock knit cuff down with a very easy eyelet pattern, a honeycomb slip stitched heel flap and comfy rounded star toe, just enough little details to spruce up a vanilla sock pattern perfect for the prettiest spring colored yarn in your stash.


Love these Lazy Weekend Socks, knit in warm and cozy Wool of the Andes Superwash yarn! Download the pattern at Designed by Brenda Castiel.


Textured Sock KNITTING PATTERN PDF - Araluen Socks - Instant Download

Sock KNITTING PATTERN Araluen Socks PDF by KnitsByJoDesigns <button class="Button Module borderless hasText vaseButton" type="button"> <span class="buttonText"> More </span> </button>