5 Ways to Knit a Sock Heel (German short-row, Dutch, toe-up flap, standard flap, & hat heel) + Which Heel is Best For Which Foot Shape ? / FR

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Knitting may be a respite from the hectic pace of our digital world, but sometimes as I gaze upon the stitches floating off my needles, I realize that knitting is really a binary code; it’s ones and t

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A not quite vanilla sock knit cuff down with a very easy eyelet pattern, a honeycomb slip stitched heel flap and comfy rounded star toe, just enough little details to spruce up a vanilla sock pattern perfect for the prettiest spring colored yarn in your stash.

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First seen in FB Addicted to Sock Knitting...the Dither pattern free down load on Ravelry "Dither Sock" worth the knit. Loved how fast this ...

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