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LAWNS When designed thoughtfully, your lawn can function as an open-air room that works as well for lounging and entertaining as it does for play. Grassy areas are a place where kids can kick a ball around, play tag, make a fort, or do somersaults. As with a glade in a forest, a lawn also serves to bring light and air into the property. Design leftover space into a handsome focal area of your landscape. @BelmanLiving

I'm moving soon and I've been researching on how to lay down my lawn. I still might have someone help me with it, but this chart could be helpful! I wonder where a good place I could get sod from.---Picture


Sodding a Yard on a Budget

If you envy your neighbor's lush, green lawn, it’s time for some instant gratification at your place. The least expensive way to get green is to invite your friends over and promise cold beverages in exchange for helping you lay sod in your yard. By installing it yourself, you'll save half the cost of the project. Sure, you’ll get your hands dirty, but in the end, your yard will compare to your neighbor’s, and everyone who visits will admire your handiwork.

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DIY - How to Install Sod for a New Lawn

Instantly renew your lawn by laying sod. Lay sod in spring where cool-season grasses rule and any time of year where warm-season turf is king.


Xeric plantings come in all shapes, sizes and colors. On this project over 2,000 square feet of thirsty sod was removed and xeric plantings were installed instead. Not only is it good for the environment and water conservation, it is far more interesting than sod.