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How To Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (Eggs and Soldiers)

from Serious Eats

Japanese Marinated Soft Boiled Egg for Ramen (Ajitsuke Tamago)

Japanese Marinated Soft Boiled Egg (sake, soy sauce, mirin, sugar). Kind of reminds me of a tea egg, but different. You serve them in hot soup broth (does that sound good or what?). For some reason I'm obsessed with finding the perfect soft-boiled egg technique.

from The Kitchn

How To Make a Soft-Boiled Egg

The perfect soft-boiled egg should have firm, custard-like whites and a warm runny yolk. This is a slightly trickier endeavor than simply hard-boiling eggs, but nothing that can't be mastered in the space of a Saturday morning! Here's our best recipe and step-by-step guide for soft-boiled eggs. What's yours?

from Chatelaine

The best-ever soft boiled egg -

How to make the best-ever soft-boiled egg. Whether you want a soft-boiled egg to dip your toast sticks in, or to top off a salad — timing is the key to getting that egg just right.

from Savory Simple

Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

This technique demonstrates how to get perfect soft boiled eggs every single time!