Make your own handmade solid perfume locket! It's easy, fun, and beautiful--and you'll have a one-of-a-kind scent to take with you everywhere you go. {}

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Classic Collection. Solid perfume in assorted scents in a refillable metal object. Le Labo. New York.

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This easy homemade solid perfume recipe makes a wonderful homemade gift idea for the holidays! Tuck these solid perfumes into the stockings of your favorite scent divas or simply create your own amazing fragrance line for yourself!

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"Toss these in your bag to refresh your scent on the go! Phthalate free and made with 100% natural coconut and soy wax. Pacifica's signature fragrance blends use natural and essential oils that work with your own body chemistry to become your own signature scent. Perfectly portable, affordable and adorable!"

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plantlady: “DIY Natural Solid Perfume Recipe Solid Perfumes are a great substitute for liquid bottled perfumes. With the natural ingredients used in this recipe, you will not have to worry about toxic fumes entering your body. This specific blend of...

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