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Wood meets wood in this traditional kitchen with a solid Oak worktop and traditional framed cabinetry.

This Wood Worktop Has A Stunning Rustic Oak Pattern With A Solid Wood Finish. Dimensions: 4000 X 900 X 40mm

Once you have installed your new wooden worktops, we recommend regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Our Rustins Worktop Maintenance Kit is a good place to start, coupled with the information in our 'How to Maintain Your Solid Wood Worktops in Five Simple Steps' Nutshell Guide:

We have an awesome range of solid wood worktops on our website - from oak to zebrano and many more in between. Try-before-you-buy today by ordering a solid wood worktop sample for just £5 including courier delivery. Each sample is cut from current worktop stock, then sanded and pre-oiled on one side to provide an accurate representation of the finished product.

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Details about Iroko Solid Wood Worktops, Oil and Accessories

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Details about Prime Solid Oak Worktop, 40mm staves, Solid Prime Grade Wood, Free Delivery

Unlike granite and laminate worktops, solid wood worktops are very easy to customise, yet still incredibly hard-wearing surfaces for kitchens. If you want to know more about cutting them to size, we recommend that you start by reading our 'How to Cut Wood Worktops to Size' Nutshell Guide:

This extra-wide worktop was fabricated by our carpentry experts for a kitchen island, who also routed grooves for a set of hot rods:

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable, hard-wearing and attractive material, which we use in 20mm staves to create both worktops and matching upstands. These upstands provide an elegant alternative to kitchen tiling and are ideal for complementing other solid wood elements. They also hide the small 5mm expansion gap that is required when installing solid wood worktops against a wall.