Somali | Sandstorm? Or should she be short-haired? (different color of course)

Hello, I am Sandwing. The older cats call me respectful and swift, but I feel I'm not quite as perfect as they think. thankfully they do not know of my kittypet origins. My mate is Runningwind. (Female, played by me)

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Somali cat, aka the long-haired Abysinnian. Don't let it outside, it may be mistaken for a fox! * I'm not a cat person but this is a good looking Gato*

Flamekit-male-energetic cat who loves to play-fight with his brother foxkit

kitten with bright eyes and long white whiskers

This adorable cat, called Lucina, seemed to have perfected her 'feed me' gaze as she stared longingly up at her owner. The feline, who is a Somali cat, lives in Tokyo and has 26,000 fans following her every Instagram move

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This adorable cat, called Lucina, seemed to have perfected her 'feed me' gaze as she stare.


Two beautiful (Ethnic) Somali women in their traditional dress from Mogadishu in Somalia.

Somali                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Russetsky: Rank: JungleClan Warrior Alive or Dead: Dead orangey-red fluffy she-cat with dark green eyes

Somali- just so everyone knows i will own this cat someday

Who Has Better Posture? Cute Kittens Posing As Sexy Pin-Up Girls

Somali cats look like red fox with black tipped tales