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Some Like You Lyrics

I heard this song (Amnesia - By: 5 Seconds of Summer) on the radio while driving today and started bawling. I did change some of the lyrics in my head, but holy wow!

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Some of Fall Out Boy's most inspiring lyrics XD More like misheard.

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Give the man some pizza! Made this a few days ago. 5SOS is such an amazing band and inspiration. Love you four! ▹Pinterest: Natalie Gill◃

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Michelle Obama Writes ‘Thank You Notes’ With Jimmy Fallon to Barack, Inauguration Day (Video)

“I like this side of the desk,” Obama said, as she moved around to sit next to the NBC late-night host. Acting like a true professional, Obama asked for some “‘Thank You Note’ piano music,” from the smitten band. Meanwhile, Fallon wrote his first note to Michelle, praising her arms.

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If today i woke up right beside me, like all of this was just some twisted dream, I'd hold you closer than I ever did before.And you'd Never slip away

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sharon-lai: Haunting songs: Some Nights - fun. What can I say about this song to make you feel like listening to it for the very first time of your life? ‘Cause all you need to do is open it and you can easily understand its beauty in every notes sung.

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Some of the girls at my school say they dont get this song and it so stop pretending you dont have insecurities, woman!! haha :)

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