Sons of archery

Everything you know about archery is a lie. This guy can shoot 33 arrows in 0.6 seconds while jumping through the air, and many other stunts, with accuracy.

Everything you know about archery is a lie—and this dude can prove it

Danish archer Lars Anderson Destroys Every Hollywood Archery Myth

Max is an archer. Most people wouldn't guess it because he's very built. (And sons of Zeus traditonally use swords) But when you're as good with wind and air as he is, it just makes sense

Field Weapon: Constructing a Bow & Arrows Using a Knife - The Prepper Journal

Merida from Brave. Very cool piece of art, and gives me some ideas for future art works!

Dark Merida

Easy to install and remove LG Brave Movie Merida Shooting Art Cases. You'll love the Brave Movie Merida Shooting Art designed LG Cases.

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This is my archery set. The tips are celestial bronze, like all greek weapons. When my bow and quiver aren't in use they disapear in thin air and come back at my command. The rest stays with me JIC.

Lara Croft | Brand new Tomb Raider, brand new Lara look. Love it.

I know it's Lara Croft from Tombraiders.but basically Marianne's style in Or Die Trying.

handmade quiver for son would lose his mind if I could get him something like this!

At the moment, this style of quiver is a limited edition. This is a traditional long arrow Quiver that is handmade.

OXYGEN MAGNESIUM WHY ISN'T THIS REAL!?!?!?!! Hiccup is a son of Hephaestus. Jack, son of Poseidon. Merida: daughter of Apollo. And Rapunzel is the daughter of...Zeus, maybe? I don't know.

Jack, son of Boreas. Merida, daughter of Ares(hunter of artemis). Hiccup, son of Hephaestus. And Rapunzel, daughter of Apollo. Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons + Percy Jackson