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*wakes up* Ah that muscle soreness probably ain't too bad I can still... *starts moving a little* I'VE BEEN HIT BY A TRUCK

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We know this isn't your ordinary #monday quote, but we aren't an ordinary #Revolution. Hope your muscles are sore from a weekend full of getting your workout on, lots of laughing and tons of smiling! Monday is here and we're not gonna let it push us aro

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This is so fucking true. For me, the pain of being morbidly obese was far worse than getting up early to work out or dealing with sore muscles all day. There is no comparison.

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Alexa on

This is true. The more you workout, the more you want to workout. When I skip a day or have a rest day or rest weekend, I'm excited to feel that burn again, to have sore muscles the next day, and to sweat out my sports bra.

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Getting New Muscle sores!

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