papa was a rolling stone soul train line dance. this line dance has it all: high fashion, big hair and only the freshest moves.


The Soooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuul Train! My favorite part was always at the end, when they would do the dance off. I’m no expert at judging these things, so I would always give it to the guy with the crazy outfit. I never liked the guy acting like he didn’t care. Have some heart, guy…you're on tv.


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homage to the Soul Train Dancers and their Soul Train Line, which provided new dance styles to many Black kids across the country. Some dancers would become stars, including Rosie Perez, Damita Jo Freeman, Darnell Williams, Carmen Electra, Nick Cannon, MC Hammer, Jermaine Stewart, Fred "Rerun" Berry, Laurieann Gibson, Pebbles and of course Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel, who would become part of the R+B group, Shalamar. Thank you. and thanks to Mr. Cornelius (R.I.P.) for bringing them to us.


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