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2017 South African Tour - African Threads

ECHOES: “Pastor T.B. Joshua the fake healer” – South African news site mocks Synagogue’s founder (SEE CARTOON PHOTO)

A week in the life of South Africa: The news summed up in numbers and pictures For those of you that missed out on your dose of South African news this week, or if you're looking to add something clever to your next conversation, this is for you...

Stephen Bantu Biko -Because of his high profile, news of Biko's death spread quickly, opening many eyes around the world to the brutality of the apartheid regime. His funeral was attended by over 10,000 people, including numerous ambassadors and other diplomats from the United States and Western Europe. Nelson Mandela said of Biko: "They had to kill him to prolong the life of apartheid."


Back in 2007, when Fassbender was starving himself .. for .. Hunger, one of the movie meetings he took was ... about a team of gonzo South African news photographers in the last days of apartheid. The director asked whether he could do a South African accent. “No,” Fassbender told him. “Give me two weeks and I’ll have one.” ... “I just put it into YouTube .... “He never called me back in,” says Fassbender.

from Mail Online

Nelson Mandela dead: A symbol of resistance

A descendant of kings who became the most famous black man in history: Life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the secular saint who refused to give in to hate. Pictured at his South African home in 2010, 'triumphed as a symbol of national reconciliation between South Africa's races'


South Africa's first female-owned airline gets the OK to go international Some feel-good South African news.