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Septima Poinsette Clark (1898-1987), born in Charleston, SC, branched out into social action with the NAACP while working as a teacher. As part of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, she set up citizenship schools that taught regular people how to instruct others in basic literacy & math skills. This teaching enabled more people to register to vote (at the time, many states used literacy tests to disenfranchise African Americans). She helped found @ 900 citizenship schools.

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1957 ~ Martin Luther King, Jr, along with Rustin, Abertnathy, Lowery and…Shuttlesworth founded the Southern Christian Leadership Council.

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A leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, Ralph Abernathy was a minister, and a close associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Following King's assassination, Dr. Abernathy took up the leadership of the SCLC Poor People's Campaign and led the March on Washington, D.C. that had been planned for May 1968.

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Leaders in the American Civil Rights Movement: SCLC

Benedict J. Fernandez, Dr. Martin Luther King in his office at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Headquarters in Atlanta ca. 1967

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Ella Baker (1903–1986) Ella Baker spent her life working behind the scenes to organize the Civil Rights Movement. If she could have changed anything about the movement, it might have been to persuade the men leading it that they, too, should do more work behind the scenes. Baker was one of the visionaries who created the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957.

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Hosea Williams founded the Poor People's Union of America in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia, while serving as the executive director of the DeKalb/Metro-Atlanta branch of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The Poor People's Union was established with the intent to organize Atlanta's working poor by negotiating grievances and securing job stability, pensions, and health care benefits.

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Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 89

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth (born March 18, 1922) was a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a civil rights leader in Birmingham. #TodayInBlackHistory

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James Luther Bevel (October 19, 1936 – December 19, 2008) was a leader of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement who, as the Director of Direct Action and Director of Nonviolent Education of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) initiated, strategized, directed, and developed SCLC's three major successes of the era:[1][2] the 1963 Birmingham Children's Crusade, the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Movement, and the 1966 Chicago Open Housing Movement.[3]

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