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NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed As 'UFO' Appears: A strange grey UFO has caused a stir in the conspiracy community after NASA caught the object on its live feed camera and then promptly cut the feed as soon as it appeared. The object is seen coming over the horizon and then disappearing just moments later as NASA cuts the feed and switches to another of the cameras. The event took place on 15 January 2015.(click link for full story)


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Incredible Beam Of Light Photo Taken By NASA Space Station Live Feed | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>

UFO believers are accusing NASA of cutting the International Space Station's live feed to cover up a mysterious object entering the Earth's atmosphere.

NASA Shuts Down Live International Space Station Feed As 'Mysterious UFO Enters Earth's Atmosphere'

BY ELLE GRIFFITHS, MirrorUFO spotters have raised the alarm after the International Space Station live feed cut out just as a large mysterious object appeared to enter Earth's atmosphere.The incident

NASA cover-up? Agency CUTS live feed as mystery UFO appears at International Space Station

Diamond shaped UFO appears at International Space Station NASA cuts live feed

Watch: NASA Cuts Int'l Space Station Live Feed as Horseshoe UFO Appears over Earth's Horizon | The Daily Sheeple