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Queen Letizia during the state banquet held for the spanish state visit to Portugal (28 nov 2016)

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Queen Letizia of Spain wears a Carolina Herrera cape in Portugal

The queen looks on during Felipe's speech where he thanked Spanish expats for contributing 'the enrichment, the diversity and the better understanding between Portugal and Spain'

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Spanish royalty collection countess jewellery incl. christian dior earrings

Merino ram. In the twelfth century, Spanish royalty began importing rams from the Beni-Merines, members of a Berber tribe in what is now Morocco. The Spanish crossed the rams with their own ewes; the result was a fine-wool sheep like no other. It changed the world of wool profoundly. Do you think he is handsome?


History:Spanish conquest: The photo above shows Francisco Pizarro and his men going to conquer the Inca Empire. On their way to South America, twenty Spaniards traveling on the Pacific Ocean had an accidental encounter with an Inca trading ship. Greed overcame the Spaniards and they planned to steal Peru’s many treasures. Francisco Pizarro, the leader of the expedition, got permission from the Spanish royalty to invade Peru. The Spanish Empire ruled Peru from 1535 to 1818.


Spanish King abdication: Juan Carlos says his son Felipe 'represents stability and a new generation'


Burn Lake weaves together the experience of life in the rapidly changing American Southwest with the peculiar journey of Don Juan de Oñate, who was dispatched from Mexico City in the late sixteenth- century by Spanish royalty to settle the so-called New Mexico Province, of which little was known.


The Order of the Golden Fleece (Orden del Toisón de Oro) was found in 1430 by Philip III, Duke of Burgundy to mark his marriage to Isabella of Portugal. In previous centuries, it was traditionally given to the Prince of Asturias, heir to the Spanish throne.