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Hand painted spare tire covers - made to order

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Floral Jeep Spare Tire Cover 32 by ShopAlwaysRooney on Etsy

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Spare Tire Cover

I think Unique2wh0 makes the most beautiful tire covers. You can really see the quality and love she puts into her work.

Product Description Manufactured in the United States, provides the highest quality custom spare tire covers designed to last for years in all weather conditions. Using only Marine Grade vinyl which allows for crisp images and photo quality printing that will last. Premium Cover Description Our Premium Tire Covers come with anti-theft brass grommets installed and stainless steel cable This grommet and security system uses grommets and a steel cable that we provide. (You…

I can see this with maybe a lotus type flower in jewel tone colors!!! LOL Not for everyone, I know, but SO my style :-))). All Things Jeep - Life is good "DAISY" Spare Tire Cover

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Pink Frosting Jelly Doughnut Spare Tire Cover More

Hand painted custom spare tire cover

Hand painted custom spare tire cover by kateskraftsandgifts on Etsy Come check out Our "Laurels spare tire cover" done in mint! Love!! ❤️❤️