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“Because We are Also the Only Ones Who Give Birth to Men.” Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, explaining why Spartan women were allowed to rule men. Queen Gorgo was the wife of Leonidas. At the time she spoke it, women were second-class citizens just about everywhere, except in Sparta. In contrast to the other women of Greece, Spartan women were treated reasonably well, and enjoyed a much greater level of freedom than their peers could ever expect.

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Makes a mockery of the REAL reason Spartan women were valued (only Spartan mothers bear Spartan sons) but it's an interesting example of the fictional female armor being LESS revealing than the historical male version.

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Training for a Reebok Spartan Race is no joke. So, how do you do it? Here's a primer to get you on your way.

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#spartan, #gorgo, Queen Gorgo in 300. Female leadership. Women. History. Diplomacy. Historical movies.

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My 3 Month Running Calendar for my upcoming Spartan Elite Sprint Race. Hoping to join the ranks of the amazing Elite Spartan Women!

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