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from Progressive Secular Humanist

Televangelist ‘cures’ Ebola by Speaking in Tongues

Popular televangelist Kenneth Copeland “slays the demon virus Ebola” by speaking in tongues.


Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, Donald Trump's running mate is as "crooked" as they come. In many ways more dangerous than moronic Trump. Pence uses religion to further his own grubby 'ends" - it drivels off his tongue like a proverbial "snake oilman" selling a con. He is a smooth-talking rogue - but he has the proverbial "fork-tongue"!


Ser Ilyn Payne Had his tongue ripped out with hot pincers at the command of Aerys II the Mad King.[1] and can no longer speak. He served as King's Justice in the service of King Robert Baratheon.