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How to Make Mint Extract

homemade peppermint extract - something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I've got a bunch of vanilla extract almost done - this is next!

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Spring Diffuser Recipes and Blends

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DIY Extracts

Make Your own extracts and have them like a library for trying out new flavor combinations in your beer....DIY Extracts.

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How to Make The Perfect Mojito: 3 Great Rum Recipes

3 Mojito recipes: a traditional mojito recipe; one for the girls mojito recipe; a pineapple mojito recipe. Great cocktails for fabulous parties.

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Calming Diffuser Blends for Stress

Sea Breeze essential oil diffuser blend with lavender, lime, and spearmint. The perfect way to relax and recharge! Lavender eases feelings of tension and anxiety. Lime uplifts and refreshes as it balances emotions and well-being. And spearmint's sweet, refreshing aroma is ideal to help clear the mind and evoke a positive mood. Oh, and did I mention it smells heavenly?! click for a FREE PRINTABLE of 20 more calming and relaxing diffuser blends

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Making mint jelly is easy! This recipe uses only 3 ingredients—apples, sugar, and mint—and NO artificial coloring. Video too! On

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The Best Essentail Oil Blends Recipes For Soap Making

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Is your mint plant exploding to the point that you feel guilty for not using it? Yeah, me too. The great thing about mint is that it smells heavenly and it’s so easy to grow. (Quick tip: always give it it’s own container or it will choke out your garden.) The not-so-great thing about mint...

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