Outlaw Communications Blog ~ Have You Ever Wondered What Happens Under the Hood of a Real PR Machine ~ Follow Along as I Decipher Messaging From a Congressperson as They Explain How Bullying & Terrorizing Our Children is a Form of Free Speech

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Humor? Well, sometimes one must find something to laugh about. This is too true, though. Ironic twist with Free Speech (especially if one is a Conservative and a Christian).

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10 Scenarios to Get Kids Talking About Bullying: In group discussions, ask kids to imagine themselves in these 10 bullying situations and describe what they would do.

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Must-have book for kids! "Just Like You" is a children’s book that teaches children about acceptance.

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Great explanations of dysgraphia, dyscalculia, visual processing disorders, dyselxia, dyspraxia etc

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Momastery - stumbled upon this from another blog I love. What a good read this morning: Lesson #2 : Don't Carpe Diem was so well timed for me today.

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Evidence: antibullyingblog.blogspot.com from September 5, 2011. Argument: Overall, this gives really helpful advice in every aspect of cyberbullying. I will use this to help me when planning my motivational speech and showing people how they can help the problem.

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