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Speeding Ticket

Print these on RED card stock and laminate! Hand them out when students rush through their work and make careless mistakes. After explaining this card one time, your students will just KNOW what is expected of them by simply handing them this speeding ticket after checking their work.

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Do you have a problem with your students speeding through their work? Attach this form to their work when it is sloppy or full of careless mistakes. This will make students think about taking pride in their work and trying their best!

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Speeding Tickets Available Ahead - yep ... they're there. But, you can leave them behind by driving with the Best Radar Detector from ESCORT Inc.

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Busy teacher forms

Staple a "Speeding Ticket" to a sloppy paper, send home, and have the student redo the assignment.

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McLaren 570S Speeding tickets can cause you years of unwanted insurance fees and no one wants that go to to learn how to Beat Speeding Tickets

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How to avoid a speeding ticket.

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