Step 1. Download and print the spell book printable. Step 2. Cut and stick the sheet to an old unused book (get one at a garage sale) using double sided tape and/or modge podge. Step 3. place the covered books aroud and cover with fake cobwebs. Love this idea for a haloween party. So cute and cheap.

FREE printable spell book cover – extra spookylicious

HALLOWEEN - send the kids to school with spooky books. Free printable Spell Book at link

To Become Invisible Spell (Printable Spell Pages) | Witches Of The Craft®

Magickal recipes for invisibility. read more about occult methods of achieving…

Printable Witches Spell Book Pages | Awakening Spell - A New Book of Shadows for Charmed Fans Wiki

Awakening Spell

Free Halloween Printable - Spell book with the cutest witch ever!

Free Halloween Spell Book Printable

Spookify your bookshelves with this free Halloween printable! A Halloween Spell Book Printable that is unique and super cute with most adorable witch ever!

Halloween spell book with free printable pages

*** Making an Evil Queen Spell Book from a thrift store book (very small, must enlarge for a standard sized book) will set out at potion making station