Spellingcity.com a great FREE site. Enter all spelling lists for the school year and be able to print handwriting worksheets D'Nealian or cursive. Wordsearches, jumbles, ABC order, and more are just some of the activities that are available. I highly recommend this site.

Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity - Kids can play games with spelling words at Spelling City

How to differentiate your spelling program using SpellingCity.com. Students can take their tests and have them scored online. SpellingCity has excellent free tools and a great premium program, too.

Tips for using Spelling City in your classroom. I've been using Spelling City for a couple of years - excellent learning tool.

Get a FREE complete Spelling curriculum online with Spelling City!!  | HowToHomeschoolForFree.com

Spelling City: Can be used in the classroom to help students learn vocabulary by customizing individual word lists for each student with fun activities to help learn them.

This 639-page, FULLY-EDITABLE resource contains differentiated word lists for 53 common spelling patterns! Perfect for hassle-free word work, spelling or writing activities in your second grade, third grade or fourth grade classroom! Lists are completely editable so you can customize the resource for ANY grade!

Differentiated Word Lists/Portable Word Wall for Spelling Activities - EDITABLE

Differentiated word lists for 53 common spelling patterns by Mrs. Beattie's Classroom - perfect for hassle-free word work, spelling preparation or writing!

Introduction to analogies with information on various types of analogies.  Video lessons, games, and word lists too.  From Spelling City

Introduction to analogies with information on various types of analogies. Video lessons, games, and word lists too. From Spelling City

updated spellingcity app just released today :)


VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging learning games using any word list.

SpellingCity.com - you can create spelling lists for your student(s). There is a $30 per year fee. I am using this to create vocabulary/spelling lists from our readings in SOTW History.

"Website Articles: A Great Reading Resource for Kids" -- advice for helping parents engage kids while reading online -- applicable to Big Buddies reading with Little Buddies, too -- also recommendations for high-interest websites

different lesson plans, strategies and worksheets for everything from figurative language and antonyms to word lists and parts of speech

Offers topic-related videos and PowerPoint Presentations to help your students better understand the concepts presented.

Spelling City - both free and premium membership. Looks like it could be a great tool!

This is an excellent resource for homeschoolers. There's lots of FREE activities even though you have a subscription option. GettingStarted with VocabularySpellingCity

Homonyms Homophones and Homographs word lists to use in a classroom.

homonyms homophones and homographs word lists. This site has video instruction on each subj. I saved a homonym,homophone powerpt onto my computer.