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This spelling correctly allows students to recognize when a word is spelled correctly AND incorrectly. This helps students when they are editing their own writing to recognize spelling errors. My first grade spelling activities require minimal adult help so that the students learn how to work independently!

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Boardgame_Introductions & socializing for beginners

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Present Perfect - yet, already, just, before, ever, never - gap filling

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Free spelling activity (for any list

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How to Give a Spelling Test Using Google Forms

Do you still administer spelling tests? If so, are you tired of grading them! So was I. I found a great solution to not only incorporate spelling and technology in a 1:1 classroom, but also lessen the grading load as a teacher. The answer is Google Forms! In this post, I show how I set up a Google Forms for the Spelling Test and use Flubaroo to grade it. I also give steps to install Flubaroo.

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Spelling With LEGOS!

Spelling With LEGOS! Perfect for advanced preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary aged students!

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