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The Spider Woman, sometimes referred to as The Spider Grandmother, is portrayed in Native American myth as the Mother who created all life. The woman who sits in the middle of the universe spinning her web connecting all living life to each other. She was honored in tribes such as the Navajo and the Hopi Indians.


The agony and the ecstasy of guessing who the real Spider-Woman is in a cover by Greg Land! "Spider-Verse" continues with a kiss of these two spider-women (you know Jessica Drew; Cindy Moon is Silk, bit by the same radioactive spider that touched Peter Parker).


Spider woman (girl) Mattie Franklin. I'd have the legs on permenantly to make her more unique and get rid of the flying powers. Oh she's been killed of but hey it comic books.

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Which Marvel Comic Character Are You?

You are Spider Woman! Suffering from uranium poisoning as a young girl, Jessica Drew was at the point of death when her geneticist father injected her with a serum derived from spider venom. After decades in stasis as the serum took hold, Jessica reawoke into the contemporary world with tremendous powers. Initially trained by Hydra, she rebelled against them and joined S.H.I.E.L.D., where she's a valued asset.