Finished a quick tattoo commission today. Looking forward to seeing it inked! - tattoo art, broken heart, splatter, ink

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Gay / Equal Rights Rainbow Paint Splatter Tattoo Idea

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very cool ink ~ Pietro Romano I'm getting something like this done on me next! (:

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this is so cool!!!! i can't even handle it!! (Small size raven tattoo - maybe with a watercolor narcissus

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Paint Splatter Tattoo. The one on her arm is of a person - looks awesome. And the one around her boob....muthafucka that would hurt.

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Abstract tattoos are incredible. Im about to get this one. #firstatt It makes me think of the doorposts that had the passover lamb on them. We are saved because of the blood of The Lamb.

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'tattr: LIVE2 Thessaloníki, Greece Live2 Facebook Page'. This is awesome, but again I feel like trying to get this type of work done where I live would be impossible -_-

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cool splatter technique - don't need blood in my life but think about the same technique representing paint spills and a messy process of creating the tattoo... perhaps with some lines representing sketches as well... I like the idea of the transparency of the process and the unfinished, evolving nature of the permanent nature/concept of the tattoo. A bit wabisabi even

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