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Current Events

These 12 graphic organizers and 4 activities can be used in Social Studies and ELA too. Differentiated organizers for American and Canadian students.

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Madison Square Garden, New York NY

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Country Research Project - Europe

Country Research Project - Students will conduct a research project about a country or territory in Europe. They will use the graphic organizers to collect and organize the following information: Important Events, Landmarks, Capital City, Area, Climate, Terrain, Natural Resources, Official Language(s), Population, Foods, Clothing, Sports, Type of Government and Current Leader(s), Currency, Occupation, Imports, Exports, and Interesting Facts.

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DOGO News - Kids news articles! Kids current events; plus kids news on science, sports, and more!

Doesn't matter if you are flying ON a horse or flying IN an airplane, flying is the ultimate high!!

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The 8 Core Exercises Every Runner Should Do

The Benefits Of Core Training For Runners and The 8 Core Exercises Every Runner Should Do. One of the best ways to improve your running without running more is improving your core power and strength.

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