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Spousal Roth IRA - Double Your Tax-Advantaged Savings

Use the Spousal Roth IRA to double your retirement savings to help build wealth. It's a must have financial account for stay-at-home parents.


Suze Orman's Retirement Plan for Stay-at-Home Moms

Suze Orman's Retirement Plan for Stay-at-Home Moms || If you and your partner decide that you'll be the stay-at-home parent, your partner's income needs to pay for both of your retirements. Suze looks at the options for stay-at-home parents, including Social Security and spousal IRAs.


What is a Spousal IRA? A Spousal Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a special type of IRA that is designed to benefit a non-working spouse and allows a married couple to each have an IRA to help fund their retirement. I

The Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) is dedicated to the education and advocacy that will improve the long-term financial quality of life for women. As the only organization to focus exclusively on the unique financial challenges that women face, WISER supports women’s opportunities to secure adequate retirement income through research, workshops and partnerships.


Article about insurance for a "dangerous breed" (TOTALLY RIDICULOUS - SIBES ARE NOT DANGEROUS). State Farm does case by case and so does Farmers.

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Is a Spousal IRA Right for Your Retirement Savings Needs?

Want to save for retirement while you stay home with the kids? Learn how here:

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What Are the Financial Pros and Cons of Marriage?

Pro: Unemployed? You Can Still Have an IRA To invest in an individual retirement account or IRA you typically need to have earned income. There is an exception, however, for married people. A spousal IRA is designed to let a working spouse make contributions on behalf of a non-working husband or wife. So if you choose to be a stay-at-home parent during your marriage or you lose your job, you can still stay active with retirement savings.