Lono Sprinkler Controller ~Every day we move closer toward automated everything. The Lono lets you control your home sprinkler system from your smartphone. Turn it off or on, anytime, anywhere. And it’s not just easier, Lono reports an estimated 22% savings on water.

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Smart Sprinkler Controller: Skydrop is the brain your automatic sprinkler system has always needed. Replace your existing sprinkler box with Skydrop, and connect to your wifi network (you’ll need a strong signal), and it gathers weather data to optimize watering.

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Check out this project on RYOBI Nation - My son needed an outdoor play area away from TV, iPads and iPods so I conceieved an open concept pergola with plenty of toy storage and water entertainment. A Copper pipe manifold with a rich patina (from Miracle Grow) feeds two floor jets with interchangeable sprayers and a bucket of PVC fittings allows him to build his own water features like Legos. A dump bucket, garden hose, shower head, and three sprinkler heads are individually controlled by…

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The Story of OpenSprinkler: an Open-Source Web-Based Sprinkler Controller

Eat your heart out, Nest, and video chat about this retro-fit sprinkler controller with Wifi Internet connectivity at https://createamixer.com/

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