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There were quite a few of you asking how to get rid of Squash Bugs, as they came out in droves last season. The best way to treat them is by Natural (Organic) methods.


SQUASH BUG is the one pest that overwhelms my garden every year, attacking my squash, pumpkins & cukes. I was delighted to find that WOOD ASH from my fireplace repels them - sprinkle ash, they hate to crawl across it to get onto plants. More help *plant companion plants they dislike under squash *put a board under the plant, they'll hide under there, pick them off in the morning & drown in soapy water * spray soapy water on them to murder them * use tape wrapped around your finger to remove

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DIY Hot Pepper Spray for Squash Bug and Squash Beetle Control

Here's a DIY hot pepper spray which is 100% safe and natural via #dailypea Tabasco sauce and water makes a great DIY spray to rid of other pesky pests in and around the home. #conveyawareness


Squash Bug Killer- I just used this in the garden today and it worked out great. No- it's not "Glass Plus."

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How to Control Squash Bugs Organically

I'm fighting squash bugs in the community garden. If you're in the same boat as I am, here's how to control squash bugs organically. |


Garlic juice concentrate - squash bug repellant? It would make me sad to use garlic in such an untasty way, but if it stopped the buggers :/

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12 plants that repel unwanted insects

Nasturtiums Repel whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, many beetles and cabbage loopers. Nasturtiums could be considered the poster child for companion planting, which is growing a variety of plants close to one another for the benefits each brings to the others. Nasturtiums release an airborne chemical that repels predacious insects, protecting not just the nasturtium but other plants in the grouping. Because many of the insects nasturtiums repel favor vegetables — tomatoes, cucumbers, kale…


Squash vine borers - "we put yellow bowls with water in them, around the squash plants, because the borers go for the color apparently and drown themselves." I'll have to collect some yellow bowls from thrift stores for next year.