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St. Brigid of Ireland

February 1st celebrates the Feast of St. Brigid (c. 451-525), a nun, abbess, and friend of St. Patrick's in early Christian Ireland. St. Brigid founded the monastery of Kildare where the Boo...

Prayer to St. Brigid of Ireland, patron saint of hearth and home

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Details about Saint Brigid Cross Irish House Blessing Holy Post Card Set of 8

#Celtic Saint Brigid Cross Irish House Blessing Holy Post Card Set of 8


St. Brigid’’s Cathedral The Gaelic word for Kildare is Cill Dara, which means the Cell or Church of the Oak. St. Brigid built her Abbey in Kildare around 480AD, on a Hill beside a great oak tree.

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Sterling Silver St Brigid Open Cross Pendant

Celtic St. Brigid's cross - variation on Brigid's cross I'm familiar with but I like this one too.


Ireland. Mostly for the folklore and mythology. (This is St. Brigid's Well in Kildaire, Ireland.)

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Brigid Celtic Goddess and Catholic Saint

St. Brigid's Cross: Associated with Brigid of Kildare, who is venerated as one of the patron saints of Ireland. It was traditionally believed that a Brigid's Cross protects the house from fire and evil

14 Ideas for Hosting a St. Brigid’s Day Playdate | Catholic Mothers Online


St. Brigid's Cross Legend says this cross was woven by the patron saint of Ireland to explain the Passion. Its heritage extends to the Neolithic Age when it symbolized the four seasons. It is now hung over Irish doorways to protect home and hearth. It is also related to the symbol of the "turning wheel" which symbolized the movement of the sun and is a design seen on Celtic crosses.


St. Brigid's Well - It is located close to the Black Abbey near the site of the millrace, which was used by St. Brigid. This well is a site for religious devotion particularly on St. Brigid’s annual feast day of February 1st.