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St. Martin of Tours, patron saint of geese, was so unwilling to be made a bishop that he hid in a barn full of geese, whose cackling foiled his hiding spot.

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St. Martin of Tours (316 or 336 – 8 November 397) was Bishop of Tours, whose shrine in France became a famous stopping-point for pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He is most generally portrayed on horseback dividing his cloak with the beggar. Patron saint of France, children, beggars, soldiers, travellers. Feast Day: November 11

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"Lord, if your people need me, I will not refuse the work. Your will be done." - St. Martin of Tours

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Polyptych by Carlo and Vittore Crivelli: Saint Martin of Tours - Monte San Martino - Marche, Italy

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St. Martin of Tours