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St. Nicholas Day (December 6th) is celebrated in many ways—the stately bishop may lead a town parade, be commemorated in saint's day worship, visit schools, hospitals and homes or provide the focus for a party, come under cover of night to leave sweet treats and small gifts for children.


St Nicholas House, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire - Founded as a medieval hospital but largely rebuilt in Tudor times, St Nicholas is the oldest continuously inhabited house in Richmond. It has played its part in the long history of the charming cobbled market town, best known now for its Norman Castle, Georgian Theatre & popular walks above the tumbling river Swale.


St. Nicholas Ave. & Bleecker St. where Bethany Deaconess Hospital and nurses residence used to be. Gorgeous building torn down and replaced by (I believe) a retirement center.

Those with leprosy, known as ‘lepers’, were made to wear distinctive clothing and carry a bell or a clapper (like this) to warn people of their approach. The clappers may also have been used to attract attention for donations.


Ridgewood: This gorgeous photo is St. Nicholas Ave. between Stanhope and Himrod Streets - right by Wyckoff Heights Hospital.