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St. Paul's Well - an ancient stone well located in the ruins of Tarsus, Turkey. Tarsus was the hometown of the apostle Paul (Acts 9:11), a city of great importance (Acts 21:39) as a learning center of the ancient world. The well is in a courtyard held by tradition to be the site of Paul's house. The remains of the house are protected under glass. The site is a pilgrimage destination for some, and the water from the well is believed to have healing powers.


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How to Recognize the Holy Apostles in Icons

This is Saint Paul the Apostle. In the nun's tale he is quoted as saying that "All that has been written has been written so we can learn it well," lending some credibility to the the nun's fable.


Ruins of the prison where St. Paul and Silas were in Philippi.


St. Stephen's Day, or the Feast of St. Stephen, is a Christian saint's day to commemorate Saint Stephen, celebrated on 26 December in the Western Church and 27 December in the Eastern Church.


While under house arrest, for 2 yrs., in Rome (A.D. 61-62) Paul used the time to write: Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, and Philippians. 4 yrs. of presumed freedom followed his release, during which time he wrote 1 Timothy and Titus. 2 Timothy was penned during his final imprisonment.. The Apostle Paul, by Kenneth Wyatt.


Time travel in ancient Antioch, Turkey

Saint Paul preached there and Anthony and Cleopatra partied. In the ancient city of Antioch, near the border with Syria, Kevin Gould found a taste of Turkey with an Arabic accent


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Tarsus, hometown of St. Paul, - Little of Tarsus during the time of Paul has been excavated due to the location of the modern city of Cumhuriyet Alani atop the ruins. Excavations have turned up a paved city street of Tarsus along with a colonnaded podium, which may date to the 2nd century BC.