Two Australian lesbian "vampire" lovers, Jessica Stasinowsky, 21, and 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti who drank blood and were sexually aroused by violence were sentenced to life in prison in 2008 for the brutal killing of British-born 16-year-old Stacey Mitchell. They bludgeoned Stacey to death with a concrete block, strangled her with a dog chain then celebrated with a kiss over her body. They dumped Stacey's body in a garbage bin. They have to serve a minimum of 24 years in prison.

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Stacey Mitchell & Tess Montez - Rogue Roots Salon Rogue Roots hair salon located in the Golden Triangle neighborhood was opened in April 2010 by Tess Montez and Stacey Mitchell. Tess and Stacey have worked together for the past 16 years moving together around Denver ending up in the Golden Triangle with their very own salon. Rogue Roots is a multi-cultural salon offering a wide range of hair care services to satisfy your needs.

Neo Baroque style bathroom furniture from Italy, by Eurolegno. The Glamour collection was designed by architect Marco Poletti who infuses elegant, classical elements with fresh, new style.

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A National Geographic article from 1952, “The Mohawks Scrape the Sky,” paints a detailed portrait of Little Caughnawaga’s Mohawk steelworkers, and vaguely comments with the removed supremacy of mid-century ethnography that there is “no sure explanation” for the Mohawk’s “relative freedom from fear of heights.”

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Gothic panel on the fridge, suspended shelves, nickel hardware, marble subway tile. Canadian designer Nam Dang-Mitchell. Via House and Home.

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