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What is the life expectancy for a stage 3 kidney failure patient? Kidney failure is a common type of kidney diseases with gradually reduction of kidney function. And the stage 3 kidney failure means kidneys have been damaged moderately. In this stage, patients will wonder how long they can live with their disease.


Kidney disease will deteriorate if not controlled, which is usually called chronic kidney disease. It is divided into five stages. Stage 3 kidney disease is the turning point, and it is very important to manage stage 3 kidney disease to prevent developing into stage 4 or end stage kidney disease which may be needed dialysis or kidney transplant to help save life. In addition, hair loss and bowel trouble can happen with stage 3.


What treatment can be used for treating stage 3 kidney disease? In fact, stage 3 is the vital stage of kidney disease, without good control it may fall into kidney failure, even Uremia rapidly. However, if you can take proper treatment timely, the progression of this disease can be delayed and you can have a chance to reverse it.

It is known that in clinic Chronic Kidney Disease has five stages, and stage 3 is a very vital stage. If patient can get systematic treatment timely, they may get a chance to live like a normal person and their life expectancy can be prolong

Normally, people with stage 3 kidney disease may fall into stage 4 or 5 rapidly without good control, so they always worry about the their life span. Then how long can patient live with stage 3 chronic kidney disease ?