She was a long cool woman in a black dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall.  With just one look I was a bad men, cause the long cool woman had it all, had it all.

Selective Visibility - a very straightforward presentation of selected visibility, presented with a spotlight.

Red mood lighting-Red is the color of passion, anger, or energized action. It's also associated with an adventuresome spirit. This mood stands for anger.

the red lighting represents the mood of anger and gives the scene a more intensive look. it also stands out from the color black to make it even more intense

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Elegant reactive lighting installation for poet's intimate show... I Special Feature I Inside the World of Rick Owens -- the horizontal lighting creates a type of barrier, maybe between two worlds, or freedom, its very powerful especially with the smoke and actors walking through it. More

Rick Owens fashion show. Fashion is a key element of our pop up department store, which has its own fashion department showcasing a range of innovative fashion and tailoring brands. The design of MULTIPLEX is inspired by silhouettes and dramatic lighting.

Stage Lighting | Drama Educational School Posters

From our Drama poster range, the Stage Lighting Poster is a great educational resource that helps improve understanding and reinforce learning.

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LIGHTING DESIGN Lighting tutorial on the differences the placement of lights has on the perception of character to audience.

I like the shadow created with the blinds.  Perhaps clever shadows can be created with lighting and the fences that surround the characters' property?

Pair Antique Candlesticks Brass Candle Holders Push Bronze Indian Vintage Cast ---- awesome backstage lighting

If we got haze, this would be a really cool contrast between a potential cyc/strip light colour and a character light