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Social Stages of Play

Do you know how my 5th grade teacher taught us the planets? She sang it to us. When her former students would come back and visit, she would always ask if they remembered the order of the planets. And they’d all end up singing it back to her. Imagine these big high school juniors and seniors singing in the middle of a 5th grade class?!

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Infographic showing the 12 Types of Play including Parten 6 Stages of Play [Great info! Kids need some Vitamin PLAY everyday. Thx from Mrs. A at]

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Welcome to Kid Confidential: Let’s Play!

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No One Will Play With Me - Helping Your Child Make Friends

I pinned this because it seems useful to learn how your child will play during his or her life. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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Help Kids Manage Anger: Free Printable Game

Social/ Emotional. Erikson. This also goes along with Eriksons 8 stages of development. The children learn what emotions are and that it's ok to feel them.

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Natural Play Therapy: Developmental Stages of Play - Director Julie Sando describes the foundation of NPT.

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Piaget’s Theory about Stages of Cognitive Development: Implication to Teaching Young Learners

Another table of PIaget's Theory that is simple to read and a good reminder for when we need to determine what stage a patient might be in. Piaget’s Theory about Stages of Cognitive Development

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This article shows the developmental stages of play. It shows how children play for their appropriate age group. This article states how the child grows and develops socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionaly. It also shows the development of thier language skills. In other words it explains S.P.L.I.C.E.

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