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Stalinist Propaganda Posters

I have no information about this poster except that it's STALIN HOLDING A BABY. If I were that kid's parents I would be holding my breath so hard right now, given what happened to this other little girl:


Witold Pilecki (V 13, 1901 – V 25, 1948) soldier of the II Polish Republic, the founder of the resistance group and a member of the AK (Armia Krajowa). As the author of the Witold`s report, the first intelligence report on Auschwitz concentration camp, Pilecki's operation enabled the Polish government-in-exile to convince the Allies that the Holocaust was taking place. He remained loyal to the London-based Polish government-in-exile and was executed in 1948 by the Stalinist secret police…


Trotsky, Leon | ˈtrɑtski | 1879–1940 | Russian revolutionary | born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein | He helped to organize the October Revolution with Lenin and built up the Red Army | Expelled from the party by Stalin in 1927, he was exiled in 1929 | He settled in Mexico in 1937, where he was later murdered by a Stalinist assassin.


1st of March - is the Polish National Day of Remembrance of "Soldiers Accursed"! The Cursed Soldiers (or "damned soldiers"; Polish: Żołnierze Wyklęci) is a name applied to a variety of Polish resistance movements formed in the later stages of World War II and afterwards. Created by some members of the Polish Secret State, these clandestine organizations continued their armed struggle against the Stalinist government of Poland well into the 1950s.


General Franco gave Nazis list of 6.000 Jews in Spain

The regime was formed on 1 October 1936 by Francisco Franco and the National Defense Committee The regime was entrenched upon the victory in the Spanish Civil War, which the regime called the Guerra de Liberación Nacional, of the rebel Nacionales coalition. Besides the internal support, Franco's rebellion had been backed from abroad by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, while the Second Spanish Republic was backed by the Stalinist Soviet Union. #Spain #war


October 23,1956 | The Hungarian revolution takes place when Hungarians declare[d] their independence against Soviet rule.