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CUT DOUBLE OVERLAY PUNTY AND OVAL STAND LAMP, rose cut to white cut to colorless pyriform font, medial with a band of gilt scrolls, opaque white No. 40 base with worn gilt decoration, brass connector, No. 2 fine line collar. Fitted with a period set-up comprising a Novelty lip burner, thumbwheel marked "PAT JAN 21 / 68 & OCT 27 / 63", shade ring with coining, engraved and frosted Oregon shade with stylized floral pattern, and lip chimney. Lamp: Boston & Sandwich G...


One Minute Reflection – November 11 #pinterest #stmartinoftours You will receive all that you pray for, provided you have faith…….Mt 21:22 REFLECTION – “If my act is set down to cowardice rather than to faith, I shall stand unarmed tomorrow before our lines. In the name of the Lord Jesus and protected .#mypic


Not the people and not themselves! The rich have these pawns working to help destroy their own water and planet. Wake up! No job is worth destroying your home. Future generations will look to you in shame for not standing up to big oil companies and protecting the most valuable resource on Earth CLEAN WATER

from PBS NewsHour

Lauren Howland (Jicarilla Apache), 21, stands before police in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Howland is one of thousands who have protested along with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to support their fight to protect the Missouri River from pipeline construction. Photo by Jenni Monet for The PBS NewsHour.

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Do you know the story of the Brooklyn Bridge? This fun book for kids tells the tale featuring PT Barnum, a circus and 21 elephants. It also inspired this week's Engineering Science for Kids challenge - build a bridge to hold 21 elephants! A great STEM / STEAM activity for preschoolers and elementary aged students

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FEC goes after Donald Trump for more than 1,000 violations of campaign finance laws -


21 Nov '16: DAPL's Worst Nightmare: Big Oil EXPOSED By Whistleblower - YouTube - TYT Politics - 14:38


WEBSTA @ thedecorista - . . .I do things differently than most people. I kind of like to go my own way. I sort of like it like that. #allme