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"It was a marvelous night, the sort of night one only experiences when one is young. The sky was so bright, and there were so many stars that, gazing upward, one couldn't help wondering how so many whimsical, wicked people could live under such a sky" -Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Wibbly Wobbly Space Created in Blender Support me with any amount for this, and other .blend files :)


from The REZs EDGE - Destruction & Redemption by author/writer Brad Jensen FULL CHAPTERs PRE-RELEASED (Read 4 Free - click link here) Please REBLOG/SHARE if you dig it Thanks Folks! Watch for the Book release date here: or here: or here: FOLLOW ME for killer pictures excerpts quotes and more! Shoot me a Note by hitting the…


Twinkle..twinkle...little stars...grant us rest (even if we snore !!!) Lord keep us safe with all your might ...and grant us all a peaceful night !!.. amen !! ooooo : c ) luv and hugs and smiles to all !!! had a wonderful vacation but always nice to be home !!!...


The roots of all living things are tied together. Deep in the ground of being, they tangle and embrace. If we look deeply, we find that we do not have a separate self-identity, a self that does not include sun and wind, earth and water, creatures and plants, and one another. — Joan Halifax (via stephenwickhem)