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Star Trek Sayings

21 Movies Summed Up In One Photo Set

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Pavel Chekov was only seventeen when he first joined the enterprise. Star Trek 2009 possibly the most adorable moments in this movie cuz he kinda bounces when he says it

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"hahaha….except nowadays they says you don't have to keep them awake….it does more damage than letting them have REM sleep to heal….." I thought I was just posting a funny Star Trek quote, and then I actually learned something!

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K2SO is my spirit animal

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I love seeing him laughing. It's beautiful. He's beautiful. And I'll say that until I am dead. #RIPAntonYelchin #AntonYelchin

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I think we all had that expression the first time everyone saw him in Star Trek (or Sherlock for that matter) // He scared me in the trailer for Star Trek. If I knew Ben, I would be scared of him creeping up behind me and saying something in the voice of Kahn. I'd shoot up the nearest tall object.

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I just saw this movie today, and let me say. IT WAS AMAZING! The funny thing is how he hails John Harrison (Kaan)

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➳ pinterest: @annnalong

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