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Hmm... well I think Spock is too practical to be intuition, I think he is an ISTJ, and Captain Kirk makes decisions based off his feelings, so ENFP.

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27 Times "Descriptive Noise" Subtitles Were Pure Poetry

Leonard Nimoy didn't just have a massive impact on science fiction, he also transformed pop culture. Nimoy, who died today, took the thankless supporting role of an emotionless alien science whiz, and turned Spock on Star Trek into an icon.

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Star Trek Into Darkness---While I don't approve of all the Abrahms changes to "Prime TOS" timeline, I do like Quinto's portrayal of Mr. Spock.

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The Final Frontier<Ok, I know this is probably Zachary but for a second the only thing I could think was "The heck is doing Spock up there?"

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They aren't Jim's crew at that moment. They lost a family member who sacrificed himself to save the rest! I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to contain myself either. The aura of keeping your feelings in check to be able to do your job just went out the window.

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